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Gather & Sow

Curated treasures and plants grown with love from California


We are a mum and pup shop ( woof woof ) in Northern California that has been in the plant game for decades and found a lack of continuity between plants and other objects in the home. We have spent many weekends and many nights shifting, reorganizing and researching for the right pieces. We believe that like humans home styling is dialectic it can be many things all at once and it's always fluid.  We love scouring estate sales and rusty finds to fix them up, join them together with other pieces and stage it for all it glories and we think we can help others do the same.

We believe in fixing and finding beautiful purpose with the found and forgotten treasures.  There's nothing more boring than a matching set of pots or ones that you can find sponsor ads for well . . .maybe a home without plants is more boring but we can help you with that too ;). Either way we are here to share our love for the forgotten treasures and curate them into wonders.  We believe in  the curiosity for the natural world and making space for peace wherever we find our selves.

We try to grow or propagate most our own plants here in Northern California and if we are able to get some hard to find plants here in the US and we source them from one of our over seas partners and we will make sure to tell you.  We will always do our best to ship to you in the most carbon neutral products we can.  

We are all finding this past year really difficult and we hope to stay connected with you in the most positive way possible by allowing you to find more joy in your space and off your devices, or by following us for our nature tutorials and garden walks we hope to share on our blog.  Stay safe and stay curious.  With so much loving kindness to you all-


Diana, Nali, Tommy & Ukiyo



(We can source just about any vintage piece or plant you have your mind set on & for Custom ORDERS

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